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Always a reader, I hadn’t decided to be a writer until I was a sophomore in high school. Even though I minored in writing in college and pursued it to some extent, writing was not the direction my life went. So I gave up on the active pursuit, content to let it remain a dream with occasional flashes of notes and insights. Yet when Katrin Eismann offered me the opportunity to write a book, I took it. The result is Power, Speed, and Automation in Adobe Photoshop written with Jeffrey Tranberry for Focal Press.

Power, Speed & Automation with Adobe Photoshop: (The Digital Imaging Masters Series)

Last week, the two of us were in Las Vegas for PhotoshopWorld. Jeff still works for Adobe, so he had booth duties. But both of us were there to let the people we knew in the industry that our book was out and worth taking a look at. To that end, the trip was a success.

A week or so earlier, I had sent copies of the book to a few people. To my pleasant surprise one of those people was among the first I bumped into when I got to Las Vegas. Moose Peterson has been involved with digital photography for a long time. He is a very knowledgeable, talented, opinionated, and positive person. He has a great laugh and a great family. He had already written a blog post about the book, which was posted the next day. What a perfect way to start my trip in Vegas.

Over the next few days, Jeff and I seeded the book to a few people. We also asked a few of them to give copies away at their talks related to the book’s subjects – Russell Brown‘s “Time-Saving Scripts and Actions”, Ben Wilmore‘s “Getting Started with Actions”, and Dave Cross‘ “Customizing Photoshop.” At the Adobe booth at the show expo, I started hearing that people had been asking about the book and also asking for it over at the Kelby Group/Peachpit Press booth. The seeds had started growing.

PhotoshopWorld is a great place to learn about what’s happening in digital photography. I always come away with more knowledge. It’s fun to hear about topics I know little or nothing about and to refine my knowledge in sessions where I am an expert. Almost all of my time was spent with friends working in the industry. That was my second agenda for the show – to see people I knew, respected and liked, to spend time with them, to meet new people, and to catch up. All of that and more was accomplished on my trip. All in all a good week in Las Vegas.