Interesting Stuff Last Month – January 2014

Tintypes from Sundance by Victoria Will Jackson
My favorite photo series from Sundance. Victoria Will does something very different and brave, bringing more reality to an industry not known for it.

Photographer Memorializes Her Grandfather Through Objects He Left Behind
Andrea Tese created a portrait of her recently deceased grandfather. “An often daunting and melancholic task to surviving relatives, Tese sorts through her grandfather’s property with an acute anthropology, compiling like objects into various still lifes and displays.”

Russian Mother Takes Magical Photos of Her Kids On Her Farm
Elena Shumilova makes you want to live on a farm, even in a Russian winter, if it is as magical as these photos of her son’s life make it seem.

Art of the Title – True Detectives
The Art of the Title is one of my favorite websites. It is dedicated to admiring and examining and celebrating the art of the short sequences that can be vital in establishing the mood of a film or television show. The title sequence for HBO’s True Detective looks like a haunting combination of the ads Nadav Kander did for Morgan Stanley and the beautiful toxicity shown in the photos of Richard Misrach’s Petrochemical America.

xkcd: Photos
The perfect, humorous response to a familiar conversation every photographer has dealt with. And probably every parent, too.

Sketchbook 36 – Graham Smith
I am obsessed with sketchbooks and notebooks. They offer a look into the creative process. There is beauty in those rough gems that ends up shining in a finish product somewhere. Or only in this personal book waiting to be realized or to spark other creative ideas. Illustrator Graham Smith shares some pages and thoughts on his sketchbooks in this short film.

The Journey Women of Mexico – Alejandra Regaldo interview
Alejandro Regaldo, a classmate from SVA, continues her project documenting on women who have immigrated from Mexico and an object she brought with her in her move.

Conceptual Photography with Jenna Martin
“When in doubt, risk it.” Absolutely. Push yourself. This photographer does. Here she shares how she did and what her results are.

Water Wigs by Tim Tadder
You have wonder some times, where do creative people get their ideas? What made Tim Tadder wonder what people look like with exploding water balloons on their heads? Whatever it was, the results are surprising and funny and look like a blast to do.