White Dinner Party 2013

A few weeks ago was the 2nd White Dinner Party in San Diego. This is a pop-up party with the location released in the early afternoon on the day of the dinner. A location, tables, and chairs are provided. The rest must be brought by you and your table of friends.


The idea is that of a spontaneous show of elegant dinning. Everyone is encouraged to wear white and to bring glass, china, linen, flowers, lights, and good food. Some tables go all out and even have personal chefs preparing the meals. Others bring fancy picnic baskets. Each table is as unique as the people dining there.


At the right time, music starts playing and a mass dance happens. Some people have done this before. It’s a white, cloth napkin spinning line dance. And soon everyone is doing it and having fun. The meals begin with everyone soaking up the atmosphere they’ve created for their table but also across the whole pier.

The band starts playing and the dancing really begins.


This year the party was on the Broadway Pier near downtown. The next pier over is the berth for the USS Midway museum. The aircraft carrier’s structure with its red, white, & blue lights was a nice backdrop. The sunset and San Diego skyline also added to the ambience. And everyone had a good time.