Digital Silver Gelatin Print

A package arrived for me today at work. It contained my pledge reward for a Kickstarter campaign. The Kickstarter campaign was by Digital Silver Imaging to buy new printing equipment allowing for 48″ wide prints.

Package for MePrint in Packaging

At SVA for grad school, I had to get a digital silver print done for the Color Management & Printing class, so I had used Digital Silver Imaging before. The print is created by exposing the image onto light sensitive paper and chemicals, just like what is done traditionally with a black & white negative. The result is a very good print, very neutral coloring, good shadow details, and bright silvery highlights.

Silver Print Detail #1Silver Print Detail #2

My print is a 11×14 silver gelatin RC print. I’ll frame it and hang it on my wall. I tend to print images myself, but I like that someone out in the world is making traditional silver prints from digital files. It’s an option that I want to have for myself, but also for clients. The results are great. The opportunity for even bigger prints is better. I’m glad to have contributed.